Mission Statement

to mobilize

CDM will have a key role in challenging Chinese churches regarding mission, and helping them take steps toward recruiting their people for mission. CDM will encourage every Chinese church to become a mission church as every church member is a missionary.

to equip

This phrase suggests that CDM will play a vital part in preparing workers for missionary ministry. It also suggests that this equipping will be accomplished in partnership with local churches and seminaries.

and send out missionaries

This sending out will primarily be the responsibility of the local church, and in cooperation with CDM. Those who are sent out will first be approved both by the church (Acts 13 model), and then by CDM. It will also include the necessary support of prayer, finance and other support needed by the missionary.

who will make disciples

Making disciples is the essence of the Great Commission . It involves "go(ing)", "baptizing", and "teaching all that Jesus commanded". These three participles support the imperative to "make disciples". They indicate the steps in the disciple-making process.

among diaspora Chinese

This indicates that the primary focus of CDM will be to the Chinese people, wherever they may be living abroad.

and beyond

This phrase opens the door to the ministry of CDM beyond its primary diaspora mission. This is important, not only because of the short-term ministry goal to reach Africans in Kenya, but also because God wants Chinese missionaries to reach out to non-Chinese as well.